ZOO Adventure Boot Care Instructions

ZOO Adventure Boots are durable and easy to maintain. The leather skins, used in these outdoor boots are purely natural and need care just like your own skin.

• Preferably rinse the leather with clean warm water using a soft brush, cloth or sponge to remove dirt.(Don’t use a pressure washer, just plain water.)
• Light grease stains can be cleaned with warm water and little soap, preferably baby soap, rinse using a soft cloth or sponge.

• Drying is important but the boots need to be dried thoroughly and naturally, not by a radiator or other heat source.
• The natural oils of the skin dry-out with this kind of heat, so the leather could tear, break and lose its suppleness.
• Letting the boots dry at room temperature is best.
• In relation to the average leather, our leather dries faster because it is impregnated with a water and dirt-repellent liquid gas.

Nourishing the leather
• The boots are ready to use from new, you do not have to pre-treat ZOO Adventure boots.
• After several weeks of use it is best to apply Marla Delicate Shoe Cream (for Nubuck leather) especially in the foot area.
• This will nourish the leather; keeping it supple.
• Apply the cream evenly, gently smooth with a soft brush without pressing and let the boots dry naturally.
• Do not polish following the application of the cream.
• The frequency of feeding the skin with the Delicate Cream depends on the intensity of use.
Do not apply polish or wax, use only a nubuck leather treatment.

Retain shape
• Using boot tensioners will preserve the shape of the boots.
• Boot tensioners also ensure that the lining will have the opportunity to breathe properly.
• Carefully taking your boots on and off with a bootjack will keep the boots in shape, especially the shape of the heel.
• It is not recommended to use your other foot to remove your boots as this places extra pressure on the seal between the rubber and leather.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us phone  0275 333 642.

Marla Delicate Shoe Cream, Soft Cleaning Brushes, Boot Tensioners and Bootjacks are all available through www.zooboots.co.nz